Krystle I Myers, Be Bossy Bee Headshots

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August 27, 2015
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Krystle I Myers, Be Bossy Bee Headshots


Krystle I Myers, Be Bossy Bee Headshots

The Ethan & Zoey was an experience.  Why do I define it as an experience?  Because what Ethan & Zoey provided was much more than a service.  These ladies did not skip a beat from our initial communication until the photo shoot wrapped.  It all began with me reaching out to Jania, one half of the dynamic duo that makes up Ethan & Zoey and telling her I would like to request their services for a photo shoot for my business website. 
We worked out the logistics and Jania immediately sprang into action.  Within 24 hours I had a virtual look book sitting in my inbox with a number of (spot on) options for me to choose from.  To say I was impressed would be an understatement.  When Jania and I first spoke, I gave her a short summary of what I had in mind, thinking we would speak again and I could elaborate further.  However, after viewing the look book they created, it was clear these girls understood my vision.


Once we agreed on 1 main look and 2 additional looks (the options were so good we couldn't choose just 1), we moved to shoes and accessories.  I was provided with suggestions for shoes as well, which I just so happen to have every option in my closet.  Further proving that these ladies understood me and my style and that I was in completely capable hands.  The E &Z ladies told me they had everything else covered.


The day before the shoot the ladies made the trip from Charlotte to Baltimore to make sure they were on hand for shoot preparation and the shoot itself.  They chimed in on hair and makeup as I spent the morning getting glammed up for the camera.  This was key as it helped pull the look together from head to toe literally.


We arrived on set and the E & Z ladies immediately sprung into action.  It was like someone flipped a switch and they went into go mode.  They laid out my outfits, set up the steamer, laid out my props, accessories and shoes.  They even scouted the location to pick out the spots they thought would be ideal for what I had in mind for the shoot.


As soon as we were ready for the first outfit I realized they thought of everything, including things that did not cross my mind.  Jania served as my dresser (with a towel on hand to make sure my makeup did not transfer on to the garments), getting me in and out of the garments and making any necessary adjustments.  Deidra was ready with accessories, shoes, and last minute hair and makeup touches.  Once a look got their seal of approval I was off to shoot with the photog.  Did I mention these ladies are creative directors as well?  Just from me telling them my vision that one time, that internalized the concept and never lost sight of it.  They made sure I achieved the look I was going for in virtually every shot.  So much so that I loved almost every single shot from the shoot.


It wasn't until after we wrapped I realized I never looked in a mirror the entire time.  The E & Z ladies are so confident and skilled at what they do, I felt completely at ease with them and showed my total trust in them by never once feeling the urge to peak in a mirror.  That speaks volumes.  It was more than just trusting them with my look.  It was about trusting them with my vision and my brand.  Jania and Deidra did not disappoint.  In fact, they far exceeded my expectations.  I am honored to have had the Ethan and Zoey Experience.

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